Windmill Foundation

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Cement Storage

Normally cement shall be transported in bulkers to Ready mix plant and it shall keep in silos. In case of non availability of bulkers, cement bags shall be stacked of the floor in such a way as to keep about 150mm to 200mm clearance above the floor. The floor may comprise of lean cement concrete or two layers or dry bricks laid on well consolidated earth. A space of 600mm minimum shall be left all - round between the exterior walls and the stacks. Test Certificates from the manufacturers has to be obtained and kept at site.

Fine Aggregate

It shall be from a natural source. It shall be sieved / washed, if directed, to reduce the percentage of deleterious substances to acceptable limits

Coarse Aggregate

For Foundation work, 20mm down size aggregate is generally suitable. It shall consist of crushed stone, 95% of which shall be retained on 4.75mm Sieve. It shall be free from dust and other foreign matter. Elongated aggregates should be avoided.


Water used for mixing and curing shall be clean and free from oils ,acids, alkalis, salts, sugar, organic materials or other substances that may be deleterious to concrete or steel. Potable water is generally considered satisfactory for mixing concrete.

Design Mix

Concrete design mix prior to the start of the foundation activities and whenever there is a change in the raw material sources then Site In charge or his representative is responsible to inform CTO. The samples of fine and coarse aggregate have to be sent to approved laboratory along with required quantity of cement, water and admixture if any.

Trail Mix

Before making trial mixes all the ingredients shall be tested in the field and should conform to the relevant IS specifications Minimum 3 cubes are required for 7 & 28 days strength.

Site Clearance

The site of the work shall be cleared of all trees, shrubs, paving and objectionable material which may interfere with the execution of the proposed work.

Earth Work

Before commencing earthwork, benchmark of location should be fixed for depth reference. In case of high variation in the level of ground then it should bring to Contractor’s notice.